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Temecula Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Temecula Valley has a wide variety of elderly residents. Some are living in their own homes still, however, many are living in assisted living facilities, residential care facilities, and for the most assistance-needed residents: skilled nursing facilities. There are many nursing homes in the Temecula Valley area to choose from when placing a loved one who can no longer solely care for themselves in their own home; some include Wildomar Senior Living, Vineyard Ranch at Temecula and Assisted Living & Care for the Elderly at Temecula. While many of these homes are amazing and take the utmost pride in the care of our elderly loved ones, sometimes neglect occurs causing harm to the people we entrust the facilities to care for.

The confusion, frustration, and feelings of betrayal that occur after discovering a loved one you have entrusted to a nursing home has been abused, neglected, and/or exploited can be hard to deal with. Many family members do not know where to start to get their loved one in a safe environment, and prosecute the negligent parties.

At Walton Law, APC we can help walk you through the necessary steps you need to follow to ensure the safety of your family member. With years of experience fighting nursing homes and their insurance companies for the injustices done to our loved elderly family members, we know the proper channels to report the abuse to, what evidence is needed to gather immediately, and how to prosecute those responsible.

Some things to remember and document during the first days of learning of the neglect done to your loved one are:

  • Take pictures and videos of any bodily harm.
  • Gather all medical records from the facilities that your loved one has treated at during the suspected abuse.
  • Write down any names of caregivers, doctors and/or people who come into your loved one’s room.
  • Contact our office directly for a free consultation at (866) 338-7079 or click here.

It is also very important you contact authorities in your area to properly document and/or criminally prosecute for the harm caused to your loved one if it rises to that level of neglect. Only a professional can tell you if criminal charges need to be filed for the harm caused. It is best to get them involved at the early stages since there are certain deadlines that apply to these types of cases, called statute of limitations. Please consult with an attorney at Walton Law, APC as soon as suspected abuse occurs to determine when these deadlines may occur.

Important Numbers to Know in Your Area
  • Local Law Enforcement, including the Police, Sheriff, and District Attorney's office. The Temecula County Police Department can be reached at (951) 696-3000. The Riverside County District Attorney may be reached at (951) 955-5400.
  • Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program provides a 24/7 Crisis Complaint Hotline at (800) 231-4024.
  • Adult Protective Services (APS), in Riverside County at (800) 491-7123.
  • Office of State Attorney General, Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse at (800) 722-0432 or email them here.
  • Department of Public Health, Licensing and Certification at (951) 358-5000.
  • Community Care Licensing, Department of Social Services, at (844) 538-8766.
Client Reviews
Chris, I wish to express my deepest gratitude for the man who changed my opinion of lawyers, forever. Your hard work, your knowledge & expertise, your guidance and your compassionate kindness helped us through the toughest of times and those aspects didn’t go unnoticed. Dave
If you're looking for an honest, compassionate, realistic lawyer that will fight hard for you then Christopher Walton is your man. He will always return your calls and will never promise you something that he cannot deliver on. In my personal situation Mr. Walton was able to explain the legal process to me with guidance along the way. I am grateful for his support and his hard work on my case. Mr. Walton and his staff are true professionals! Phillip
I was in a bike accident in 2015, and Chris could not have been a better advocate for myself and for my family. He always emailed and spoke with me on the phone at every step in the process. He let me know my options whenever a decision had to be made, and reassured that the process would take care of it self. He did everything in his power to get the best and largest settlement he could. I now understand and deeply respect everything Chris did for me. Jeffrey
Chris, you made me feel like you were more than "just my attorney" and that's something I could never repay you. You rarely see that quality in people these days which is why I'm sure you'll always be at the pinnacle of everything you do professionally and personally! John