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Perris General Car Accident Injuries

In Perris and the rest of the Southern California area, you don’t have to look far to realize cars are the cornerstone of transportation. Unfortunately, where there are cars there are accidents. Distracted driving, the immense number of vehicles on the road, and other improper behavior behind the wheel can all cause collisions and life-changing physical, emotional, and financial injuries to unsuspecting victims in the blink of an eye. The tragedy of these injuries is only compounded when you realize most accidents could have been prevented if at least one party hadn’t acted negligently. If you were injured in a collision, contact a Perris General Car Accident Injury Lawyer right away to learn if you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Perris Car Accident Statistics

Though Perris, with only 76,260 residents, may not seem to be as risky a place to drive as a major metro area like Los Angeles, that is a dangerous assumption to make. The large commuter population and the city’s close proximity to the busy 215 freeway make driving in the area a dangerous proposition. 340 people were killed or injured on Perris’s roads in 2017 alone. In 2017, three people were injured on State Route 74, and in 2015 one person was killed and six injured on the 215 freeway.

What are Common Car Accident Injuries?

Depending on the nature of the accident, victims may suffer a variety of injuries ranging from minor bumps and stiffness to catastrophic, life-changing injuries that can incur astronomical medical bills and permanent affect their quality of life and capacity to function normally. Head injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), neck damage such as whiplash, spinal cord and back injuries up to paralysis, broken bones, and organ damage are commonly seen after a car crash – especially one involving elevated speed or a very forceful crash impact. It’s important to be screened by a medical professional for injuries and abide by their recommendations for follow up evaluations; some injuries delay presenting symptoms and, like TBIs, can be fatal if left untreated.

What Is My Case Worth?

It’s normal to wonder how much you can recover for injuries from your Perris car accident. If you prove someone was negligent, you may be able to recover damages from the court to make you whole for your physical, emotional, financial, and psychological injuries. Many victims may recover for:

  • Medical expenses,
  • Permanent disability or disfigurement,
  • Property damage,
  • Funeral costs,
  • Lost income,
  • Pain and suffering, and
  • Loss of consortium.

In some circumstances, victims may also be entitled to an additional award of punitive damages to punish a defendant’s particularly vile, reprehensible behavior and discourage the repetition of similar conduct in the future. You must satisfy a high burden of proof to qualify for these discretionary damages, so it’s wise to seek help from a skilled Perris General Car Accident Injury Attorney to navigate these tricky legal waters.

I Was Involved in a Car Accident, Now What?

After the trauma you’ve just experienced, acting immediately may seem overwhelming and be the last thing you feel like doing. However, completing a few simple steps can give you a big advantage when trying to recover for your injuries later.

Get Medical Attention

Seek medical care as soon as you can after your car accident even if you think that you weren’t injured or feel fine physically. Some injuries don’t present symptoms immediately, so going about life with an untreated injury can be especially dangerous for increasing the amount of damage you suffer. To help your recovery and secure valuable information about the cause and scope of your injuries, follow treatment provider recommendations and treatment plans exactly, take medication as prescribed, keep records of all interactions with medical professionals, and attend all recommended follow-up appointments.

Watch Your Words

Emotions are high after an accident, and you may be tempted to apologize to another driver after an accident or admit you were responsible. Avoid this at all costs. You should check to see if your passengers and occupants of the other vehicles need medical assistance – it’s often a legal requirement to notify law enforcement if anyone is injured. After you fulfill this responsibility, keep quiet. Don’t speculate as to the cause of the accident, say you’re “fine,” or make statements about whether or not you are injured. These statements can be used against you and your claim.

Gather Evidence

Gathering facts and records to help establish who’s at fault for your accident, determine if any traffic laws were broken, and document your injuries are important steps to recovering for your injuries. After the accident, check to see if anyone is injured, notify law enforcement, and get a copy of the completed accident report from the local police department or your insurance company. If possible, photograph the scene and your injuries, get contact information for any eyewitnesses, and keep copies of all records associated with your medical treatment, repair to property damage, lost income, and any other expenses associated with your injuries.

Don’t Delay

Time is not on your side, so it’s important you don’t wait too long to file a claim for recovery. In California, you usually have 2 years to file a claim for compensation – the time period begins running on the date you were injured. After that time, the statute of limitations bars you from seeking damages through the legal system. If you let the deadline pass, any claim you file later will be dismissed.

Speak to an Attorney

If you were injured during a car accident, you know how devastating the consequences can be for every aspect of your life. Contact the experienced Perris Car Accident Injury Lawyers at Walton Law to put the best foot forward on your case and protect your rights. Our skilled attorneys have spent years providing victims like you with comprehensive, dedicated representation and have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for their injuries. Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (866) 338-7079 or online through our Contact Us page to schedule your risk-free, no obligation case review. The initial consultation is completely confidential and free, and you pay nothing until we win your case. Let our attorneys evaluate the facts of your case and help you secure the best possible outcome from this unfortunate situation.

Client Reviews
Chris, I wish to express my deepest gratitude for the man who changed my opinion of lawyers, forever. Your hard work, your knowledge & expertise, your guidance and your compassionate kindness helped us through the toughest of times and those aspects didn’t go unnoticed. Dave
If you're looking for an honest, compassionate, realistic lawyer that will fight hard for you then Christopher Walton is your man. He will always return your calls and will never promise you something that he cannot deliver on. In my personal situation Mr. Walton was able to explain the legal process to me with guidance along the way. I am grateful for his support and his hard work on my case. Mr. Walton and his staff are true professionals! Phillip
I was in a bike accident in 2015, and Chris could not have been a better advocate for myself and for my family. He always emailed and spoke with me on the phone at every step in the process. He let me know my options whenever a decision had to be made, and reassured that the process would take care of it self. He did everything in his power to get the best and largest settlement he could. I now understand and deeply respect everything Chris did for me. Jeffrey
Chris, you made me feel like you were more than "just my attorney" and that's something I could never repay you. You rarely see that quality in people these days which is why I'm sure you'll always be at the pinnacle of everything you do professionally and personally! John